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Let’s talk about new art trends in 2020.

With the party season in full wing and art shows on the flobes, it’s time to think about what’s fashionable and what isn’t for wall decorating. What are the latest trends in works of art for the home and office?

As summer comes to an end and early fall approaches, the market is full of delightful wall decorations that are at once playful and fashionable. Jewellery, bags and shoes are always part of the season, but what about items of home d├ęcor?

As a follow up to last season’s trend for knitted doilies, this autumn it’s the ultimate return of the brocade and the velvet black and white chenille and cocoon. draped loosely over furniture if not draped flat on the ground, it’s the ultimate velvet cushion or comfy home decor item. Velvet in multi colours is a perennial favourite and next season’s colours are beige, milk chocolate, orange, wine and cautiously tanned leather greens.

You can find variations of these velvet items in a variety of stores, but the best bargains may still be found online. Vintage stores are a great place to start your hunt for velvet wall coverings. The best saddle shoes or top hats are available from Zappa, but he might be out of stock. Rather than using a home made item that will require hours of fuss, it’s easier and more cost effective to buy ready made.

If you don’t really want to invest in something completely different you can always buy an indistinguishably home decor item. Or you might just prefer to design and create your own velvet cushion from fabric and atoned material. If you prefer the comfort of a design you could even try making your own and buying some velvet that matches a theme.

For a house that is rather too cold you might want to wrap Braided Leather Beltaround the chair and let it out for a relax day. If your chair is in a family room or an unisex room this will also keep the rest of the family warm.

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