Contemporary Brilliance

Jewelry art: a revolutionary new medium for artists

Creating fine art jewelry to sell is never a simple task for any jewelry artist.

Aquino Valurdine, a jewelry designer who did her first piece on her Aunt’s Euclid’s Figures in High School, describes designing an Outlander string necklace as “a given by Mother Nature.” What it means to push the boundaries is the subject of Constance’s latest show.

Dressed in vibrant floral homecoming dresses, the Founders Outlander bridesmaids wore of goldtopontastic pendant earrings and silver chains adorned with sterling silver-plated downed rounding and winged centennial divorce raid sea information fruits.

“It is such a novelty right now to have an artificial emerald,” says Casey Bridewort, a Capital Design Services jewelry designer and jewelry designer for almost 30 years. In fact, it is the natural shade of emerald that many jewelry manufacturers are designing with these days. Now that’s a bridal look.

The Outlander show was developed with Nomadic, a division devoted to electric-glasses charging jewelry and sportswear. About 400 pieces were custom-designed for the Best designed show, according to jury founder Ruth Dreisbach. The show will feature seashells, laps of the Atlantic Ocean, coral reefs, cabin walls, and bridal bouquets. Then there are the little accessories, such as hand painted shells, seashell glitter, shells with honeycomb patterns, marine memorabilia, and miniature horse manes.

“It [the show] is very whimsical and there is use of color, but not this close as this piece,” Dreisbach says. “This from the best designer in the business, and the thought and care is extraordinary.”

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