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The environmentalist movement: what it means and the ramifications

Global Warming gave rise to the environmental movement. The environmental movement tries to preserve the earth in its natural state, and prevent man-made destruction of the earth. The world is becoming more and more polluting with all the factories and heavy machinery. The problems with the environment are not temporary, in fact, they are extending to the far future. There has never been a better time for the environment, than the age of global warming. The fact that the alarm is getting stronger, more people are becoming aware of the dire need to live green and avoid using harmful chemicals. The factories add tires, plastics and other chemicals, just to name a few. The Global Warming causes the clouds to be thinning more than usual. Vegetation is dying off, and the mean temperature is fluctuating.

In today’s society and even in the older ones, it is acceptable to take environmental issues so seriously, that many people have begun to question the use of partaking in the ” on this planet.” Many people have turned to the environmental movement and are actively participating in efforts to preserve the environment. Because of this, people have become more aware of the impact their everyday actions have on the environment. The “Soooo YOU!!!” – sign provides another way for viewers to make it a point to do their part in protecting the planet. Many people are aware of the value of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

In making the decision to use or not to use products that are non-eco-friendly, individuals are making a decision to ” or shop in an eco-friendly store.

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