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As an art organization, we help artists who deal with contemporary and conceptual art. We help them with selling their work, finding galleries or collectors, create exhibitions and more.

We are located on the border of Islington and Hoxton in London. We also have a studio on the Clerkenwell Road to organise artists’ studios, provide workshops and hold talks.

We are a London-based art organization which has been helping artists since 2011. We help artists of all different styles, with no set line of what we do.

We have helped artists such as Louisa Hutton and The Fruit Bats through our work – and we’re always looking for more artists to help out.

A contemporary art organization in London, Islington has discovered what it means to have AI assistance in their work.

Art organizations require more and more from their publications because they are looking for a different kind of content. They need to be constantly producing interesting articles and gaining visibility with the public.

Contemporary Art is not just about traditional art forms like painting, sculpture and photography. It has evolved to be more conceptual and digital in its nature. Artists are now looking for ways to present and share their works, especially because of the increased usage of social media platforms such as Instagram.

We are a contemporary art gallery that offers artists the chance to show their work. Our services include exhibition spaces, sales, studios and workshops.

At Islington Contemporary Arts we host a wide range of exhibitions that vary in size and mediums presented by different artists. We also offer an opportunity for artists in the form of our workshops.

The mission of the Contemporary Art Society is to support and promote contemporary art in London.

Islington is a space for artists, curators, and all those who are interested in the latest art. We aim to be an inclusive community space for people with a wide range of interests.

We are an art organization in London, UK. We have been working with artists for over 30 years and have close to 400 artists in our today’s collection.

We help contemporary artists from all over the world by providing them a platform to show their work and gain visibility among both domestic and international audience.

Contemporary art world is a complex place in which people can hardly find appropriate resources. At Islington we provide contemporary art services to artists who deal with large scale of contemporary art.

As a contemporary art organization, we deal with contemporary issues in the art world as they arise and provide appropriate resources to artists on-the-go.

Art Organization is a contemporary art space in London that deals with artists and curators who have recently broken away from the mainstream.

Art Organization has been a key facilitator of experimentation in art and was one of the first to take up internet-based projects with artists. They have taken projects as diverse as producing carbon monoxide sculptures, capturing data in 3D, using drones and remote controlled robots, or designing an entire building using CGI.

This gallery space has been home to many influential artists such as Mark Leckey, Mika Rottenberg, and more recently we helped shape Frieze’s first female director Ana Tijoux.

We create and curate the shop where our artworks are sold in order to help artists who deal with contemporary art.

We have a diverse range of materials for sale, we house an artist-run gallery featuring exhibitions, and we offer art courses for those interested in getting into the industry.

The issue is that with contemporary art, it can be difficult as it is a highly subjective field. We help artists deal with this by providing them with the tools they need to make their work accessible to the public.