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As contemporary art movements become increasingly popular, one organization stands out from the crowd — Rowing is the contemporary art organization based in Islington. Founded in 2018, the organization is dedicated to showing, promoting, and nurturing emerging and established artists.

Rowing’s approach to showcasing artwork is unique as it focuses on creating a platform for artists from diverse backgrounds and identities. It does this by regularly hosting exhibitions that explore some of society’s most pressing challenges and inspiring works informed by intimate conversations with its community.

Rowing emphasizes accessibility and outreach. As such, its events, exhibitions, and talks are offered free of charge to the public. Additionally, the organization welcomes both individuals and institutions to get involved with their programming in order to explore contemporary art in all its facets.

At the heart of Rowing’s mission is not only showcasing noteworthy artwork but also providing support to struggling artists by offering them financial assistance. The organization also offers grants to upcoming creatives that specifically target those operating within Islington borough.

Rowing has quickly become a cornerstone of London’s contemporary art scene, providing a platform for creatives and offering access to viewers inspired by innovative concepts that challenge what we can expect from visual media today. If you want to get involved or check out Rowing’s offerings, visit their website or stop by one of their exhibitions!

In Islington the Rowing contemporary art organization is challenging how the public perceives and interacts with art. Founded in 1996 by two local artists, Joe Lyons and Fred Gayda, Rowing works to highlight the power of art as a galvanizing force in contemporary society.

Rowing places emphasis on both artwork and artist-led projects, fostering an active dialogue between the two. It also encourages critical engagement with art from an international perspective, showcasing work from all around the globe.

One way Rowing does this is through its exhibitions. They have held various group shows, featuring art from over 20 countries, together with solo exhibitions from up and coming local artists. By providing a diverse range of artwork from both home and abroad, Rowing ensures that visitors have new ideas to engage with and explore in a stimulating environment.

But it’s not just about the exhibition space – Rowing gives visitors opportunities to get involved in workshops, seminars and artist residencies. Its latest residency program was held at Goldsmiths, University of London where two artists collaborated to explore how digital aesthetics can be used to create live performances. Through these kinds of initiatives Rowing strives to connect the gap between idea and reality by bringing artists face-to-face with members of their communities.

So if you’re looking to experience contemporary art in an immersive environment then make sure you visit this Islington based organization!

Rowing, an arts organization based in Islington, is an innovative and cutting-edge contemporary art platform. Founded in 2019, their mission is to support the creation of modern art through exhibitions, talks and workshops, as well as other events.

Rowing curates a wide range of artwork from both established and emerging artists from all over the world. This includes a diverse selection of mediums from painting, sculpture, photography and film to performances, installations and digital art. Each year they introduce new projects that focus on themes such as identity, culture and politics. They also promote young artists and encourage them to have an active role in their local community.

The organization holds bi-annual exhibitions, which are free to attend. Invited artists are given the opportunity to showcase their creations alongside those of more experienced practitioners. The eclectic mix of artwork that members produce provides an exciting visual experience for audience members while introducing them to up-and-coming talent.

At Rowing, they strive to create a network between artists and the public by organizing exhibitions, talks and workshops that invite participation from all ages and cultural backgrounds. They also hold regular discussion groups, featuring interactive conversations with guest speakers from various areas of the arts.

The organization has become a beacon of creativity for locals in Islington, providing a space for exploration and interaction for people who may not be familiar with contemporary art or the art world in general. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice, there’s something to explore at Rowing.